What is Affiliate Ranker?

At Affiliate Ranker we always strive to present you with only the top affiliate programs online. Our highest priority is – and always will be – to collect and present you with the best affiliate program for any need possible. We mainly collect the programs in three ways:

  • By searching the web ourselves – looking for what we consider to be the best affiliate programs within every niche.
  • Affiliate managers submit their programs to us.
  • Webmasters submit their favorite programs – or a two tier link to add us to their downline.

All submitted programs are carefully reviewed and, upon acceptance of our general guidelines, the program is added into the database. At this point the search engine, our web crawler and our affiliaterank algorithm do all the work – thereby giving you: Handpicked, ranked affiliate programs!.

While our affiliate program directory and search engine are your main tools, we are constantly adding resources for every webmaster’s need. Thru our ceaseless effort to expand the webmaster resources page with more useful information, we hope to make the everyday work easier for affiliate marketers.

Unbiased affiliate listings

All programs listed in our directory are treated equal. The listing process is completely dynamic so there is no way of buying a better placement.

The directory and search engine are regularly being looked over to make sure they only list high quality affiliate programs. The only way of getting a high ranking at Affiliate Ranker is to keep a well maintained, easy to use and profitable program for your advertisers.