Affiliate networks

Affiliate Networks

An affiliate network can be describes as a collection of affiliate programs, managed by a third party. The network takes care of everything such as the software, payments and support, making it a very comfortable choice for advertisers.

For affiliates, joining an affiliate network can prove a timesaver and sometimes even save you some money. While the commission offered might not be the highest, the security knowing you won’t get ripped off can be very valuable. For affiliates using multiple programs, joining an affiliate network will make it easier to keep track of the various programs.

As affiliate marketing grows, the number of networks have increased dramatically, some better than others. Here are a few networks we at Affiliate Ranker have been happy to work with.


Clix Galore is one of the largest affiliate networks online, offering a very wide range of affiliate programs. Good commissions overall, and excellent support should you need it.Linkconnector

Link Connector has a good variety of affiliate programs in most niches. In fact they have over 250 programs and they are growing every day.Shareasale

Share a Sale is one of the leading affiliate networks out there with over 2.000 affiliate programs under their management. Focusing solely on 1-tier affiliate programs, Shareasale has been offering highly competative commission.Fusionquest

Fusionquest might be small in size, but they are a very good alternative for any affiliate. Good commission models and good programs.