It’s never to late to learn

Over the years, there has been an extreme development in web design – both in functionality and in availability. 
Not too long ago, the number of people who knew how to make a web page was limited – making the information less available.

Now – you can find numerous guides and tutorials on the subject.
But the question is how to start:

If you are completely new to HTML and web design – you should try one of these sites, they are very basic and easy to understand.

If you have some knowledge, but want to learn how to make a professional web page – perhaps one of these sites can be of assistance:

Trying to read everything on these pages is an impossible task – you need some time to actually build your site – but they are very useful as references or guides.

Start with a simple webpage – do not try to build one great web page on your first try, it’s better to build a few – learning as you go.