If you run a site – feeling you are something of an expert in your field – you probably have alot to write about. Assuming you already tried to write articles, and you want to try something else – Blogs are a very good way to attract both links AND visitors.

Writing a blog – perhaps with your own RSS feed – will get you both links and visitors, provided your material is interesting enough. But even if the visitors don’t find your blog – the links to your webpage from your blog(s) will have good relevance. With a little effort you might even be able to attract some PR to it, making the link(s) from it very nice indeed.

When writing your blog – make sure you are using enough of your main as well as secondary keywords – but be very careful not to over do it.

Write many posts instead of a few long ones.If you are writing about different topics, it might even be worth running multiple blogs – One for each subject.