First step

The first step towards your own website

The first thing you need is an idea of what the site should be about. At the very least a good hunch on the topics you expect to cover.

Once you are finished mapping out your site in your head, its time to put it on paper. You can spend ten minutes or two weeks creating your site on paper, but once done – it is time to research a bit.

Figure out what keywords you will be targeting – this cant be emphasized enough – to find out your chances of making a profitable website.

Then you should do a few searches on both Affiliate Ranker and the major search engines to see two things.

  • Is there a market and good affiliate programs containing your search terms?
  • How is the competition? Are you likely to reach a high enough SEplacement?

These things are of highest importance if you can pinpoint it beforeyou start your work.

If you cant seem to find any affiliate programs searching for likely keywords, you might face a problem when trying to generate a profit. You will probably be forced to choose between only a small number if programs, making the chances for a good one smaller.

If the competition is hard – That’s a whole other story. That usually means it is a profitable topic, since many others are trying to get into that area as well.

All though it may be harder to reach a high placement on the search term you intended, it is not very hard to focus on a different search term, making it more likely to be on top.

Once you have decided you have a chance good enough – It is time to get started.