Get started

Time to get started

Now you have a pretty good idea of what your future web site will be about – Its time to consider how it should look.

An obvious factor here is your prior knowledge of HTML and/or HTML-editors – But there are ways to build a website with no prior experience.

For those of you with no prior experience, it might prove a good idea to use a template to make it easy the first time.

We have a very good list of HTML tutorials and other aspects of web design – Take a look if you feel your HTML skills need a bit of brushing up.

When you decide to build your own website, not using the templates, you should think a bit of the graphics you need to build a nice page. Every page needs a little color – You can use banners, buttons or plain HTML.

Then its off to the drawing board – Make your site!

Once done with a nice layout, its time to fill it with content.