Making a Name

Making a name for yourself

To make your website profitable – you need to attract some visitors. While you can drive traffic to your site, paying for it or looking for free visitors, gaining a top position on search engines will often bring your revenue much higher then manually driving traffic.

There are a lot of ways of improving your pages SE position, but the most important factor is inbound links.

The idea behind the importance is – A page with a lot of links pointing to it, should be a page of interest. Why else would people link to it?

While this is very true in theory, most webmasters know this – and are actively looking for more inbound links.

The upside is: It is very easy to get inbound links – joining a link exchange or two, manually looking for relevant pages to swap links with or posting on forums. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

The downside is: It is equally easy for your competitors to find links, making it more and more important for every web page to maximize its inbound links.

You should try to focus on relevant links, i.e. links from pages with similar content – or at least with some connection to your keywords and/or topic.

Relevant links are of the highest importance when search engines decide your final placement. 

SEO is a very broad area, but as you learn – it is very easy to implement your newfound knowledge.

No matter how good you get on SEO, it will always take time to gain that precious first page placement on Google. Until you receive enough traffic from the Search engines, it might be worth while to drive some traffic to your pages – the good old fashioned way.