Driving traffic while you wait

As you wait on your pages to climb the search engines – it is time to try to get some traffic from other areas of the internet.

There are as many ways of bringing traffic as there are sites on the internet – but not all are equally good. The best way would be to find some link exchanges with sites of similar content. Not only would it provide you with some traffic, it would be a very good linkpointing to your site.

Another very good thing about exchanging links with similar sites is the quality of traffic received. Visitors originating from a site with content closely related to yours will be more likely to find your site interesting – They have also proved that they are capable of clicking links – they clicked your link – making them more likely to actually click that banner, text link or what ever you are using for your affiliate programs.

While this is a good way of gaining high quality visitors – you might want to try to grab as many visitors as you possibly can. The only thing to keep track of is: Your bandwidth. Be sure to never drive to much traffic to your site at the same time – a slow site, or a site that wont load at all, will make both visitors and SE bots go away.

When you have decided on a plan to attract more visitors – you should focus on choosing an affiliate program.