Top 5 Affiliate programs

Top 5 Affiliate Programs

Sometimes browsing through hundreds of affiliate programs won’t make you any wiser. If you are having a hard time choosing affiliate program, why not join one of these? These are the affiliate programs we have seen perform well over all expectations. If you have a website in a niche suiting these affiliate programs, joining one of them would be a good choice.Hotels Combined – Hotel Affiliate Program

Did you know that compares over 30 top travel sites at once and consistently returns lower hotel rates than any other site on the planet? Their affiliate program offers a whopping 70% of revenue share and variety of implementation methods including banners, deep links, private branding (easily point your own domain and customize the look and feel of the interface), data feeds and an

Offers a categorized directory of alternative medicine web sites as well as an herbal glossary search utility and resources to promote Ayurveda remedies. Great commissions at 40% with 10%

Prank Place, the one-stop shop for humorous gadgets and prank gadgets, offers 20% commission on every sale made. Referred affiliates have had great success with this program, finding items to promote within virtually any niche. For many affiliates the conversion ratio has proven to be one of a

Web hosting buzz, a web host with several hosting plans and highly competitive prices, offers a PPC commission of up to $100/sale. If you are attracting visitors potentially interested in web hosting, then this is the affiliate program for

A website selling virtually any gift, no matter how odd it might seem. Perhaps this is why affiliates enrolled in this program are part of a very happy crowd of webmasters. Try it out, you might be surprised.