Affiliate Ranker: Affiliate Program Directory and Search

Affiliate Ranker 2.0

A new take on affiliate programs

Welcome to the new and ever improving Affiliate Ranker, with a different look, feel and even a new approach to affiliate marketing. The previous version was outdated, even though the site itself worked as a charm. The affiliate program directory however, needed a overhaul. For that reason and others, a move to WordPress felt logical as it allows us to do more of what the real purpose is: Presenting you with the best affiliate programs there is, no matter what niche or category you are after.  

Affiliate program directory

The Affiliate Ranker search still remains, and so does the affiliate program directory. The old resources-section is revamped, and will soon be filled with up to date tips about affiliate marketing and all of it’s aspects. Similarly the Directory will be rebuilt from scratch, removing all outdated programs and adding new. The Affiliate Directory itself will have a new build and easier navigation. A big change in Affiliate marketing is the rise of the Affiliate Networks the last decade. To be honest, a lot have changed since then. 

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Networks have been been growing in numbers and depending on site, niche and goals choosing to use only one Network may very well be what you want. If nothing else its an easy way to approach affiliate marketing. One place to manage it all. Others might choose stand alone affiliate programs, or joining multiple Affiliate Networks. For anyone just starting out with affiliate marketing, its a great way to learn the basics. Depending on Network you will have access to a number of tools to help you make your visitors click those banners and ads. For more information look at the section about Affiliate Networks .

Affiliate Marketing Resources

From being a collection of texts far to old to be relevant, Affiliate Rankers Resources will now primarily be useful tools, and short “how to’s”. Instead you will find interesting, informative and relevant affiliate marketing articles with great reading for both the beginner and the more experienced Affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing: Step by step

Learn how to build a simple but profitable website, how to attract visitors and how to make the most out of every single one. Conversion rate – expressed in percentage of clicks leading to a sale – is the key to success. If you learn how to turn your visitors into affiliate commission, you will find there are a number of ways to find those visitors. 

Maximise affiliate commission – Increase your conversion rate

To convert your visitors well, you need the right affiliate program. Well, you are here reading this, so in a short while you can check that of your list. But it is also a question of knowing what ads to use and where: the right ad at the right place, so to speak. 

Choosing ads – Banners or Textlinks?

Banners or text ads? Contextual linking or not? That all depends on what type of site you have, type pf visitors and many other things. We encourage everyone to experiment with the ads, but also to try a few different affiliate programs. When we started this affiliate program directory, the best converting program we had listed was an Herbal shop that did not look as much at all. But somehow the affiliates who used their program converted better than everyone. In average that is, not each and every one.